Permanent Hair Removal for men & women
  • Lip $50
  • Chin $50 - $90
  • Sides $90
  • Face $200
  • Half Leg (below knee) $200
  • Half Leg (above knee) $250
  • Mens Back of Neck $100
  • Underarm $80
  • Lower Arms $200
  • Arms (blended forearm) From $280
  • Chest (from) $500
  • Chest & Stomach $580
Summer Specials
  • Under arms $50 (reg. $80)
  • Under arm & Bikini (basic) $100
  • Lower 1/2 Leg & Bikini $300 (reg. $490)
  • Lip and Chin $80 (reg. $120)
  • Snail Trail (navel area) $60
  • XXX Brazilian Inc. numbing (painless) $180


  • Between eyebrows (monobrow) $50
  • Snail Trail (Basic) $65
  • Back (from) $600
  • Bikini Line (basic) $100
  • Bikini Line (extended) $130
  • G. String $150
  • Brazilian $200
  • Men's Shoulders $190
  • Fingers $40
  • Toes $40

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Laser Hair Removal

How it works

First, a word about how laser hair removal works. Basically, The Laser therapist presses a hand-held laser to your skin. The light energy then passes through the skin to the hair follicles below. This penetrating light causes permanent damage to the hair follicle, disabling it to the point of no longer being able to produce hair growth. Laser light only affects actively growing hair and since hair grows in different phases over time laser hair removal generally requires multiple treatments for optimal results. Leading physicians around the world have treated hundreds of thousands of people with the LightSheer system. The results have been remarkable, and many patients are eager to share their thoughts on the subject with others.

Not all Laser machines are created equal !!!!!

  1. Inferior machine incapable of delivering realistic results
  2. Skin types vary and the machine cannot cater for all skin types
  3. Inexperienced laser therapist
  4. Continuity of treatments

Unfortunately there are many "so called" laser machines being used in various salons today that are designed to treat skin conditions (IPL) which *may* reduce some hair but NOT designed to remove the hair so....


Here at Fantastic Nails & Beauty we use the "Light Sheer Diode Laser". A medical grade laser approved the FDA (American Drug and Food Administration)

Light Sheer Diode