Acrylic Tips

Ideal for adding length to short / bitten nails ~ 90 minutes $60.00

Permanent French Tips

White tips with a clear acrylic overlay for a permanent French look ~ 90 minutes $65.00

Sculptured Acrylic Nails

Nails tailor made, sculptured with forms using pink and white acrylic for a permanent French look (no glue or tips are used) ~ 90 minutes $85.00

Permanent Nail Art Tips

Pre designed art tips with a clear acrylic overlay & Ultra Seal Gel 20 assorted designs ~ 90 minutes $85.00


An extra charge applies for refills that are over 3 weeks, as more product and time is required

  • Maintenance of acrylic nails recommended every 2 weeks in order to maintain healthy and natural looking nails ~ 60 minutes $45.00
  • Includes Gel Polish / Shellac



from $7.00

Backfill / Rebalance

Refill cuticle area and reapply white acrylic to maintain permanent French nails Recommended every second refill ~ 90 minutes $65.00

Buff and Polish

Shape and smooth artificial nails, condition cuticles and reapply polish ~ 30 minutes $25.00

Temporary Tips

Tips applied and blended to natural nails for temporary length. Ideal for that special occasion ~ 60 minutes $45.00

Removal of artificial nails

Nails are soaked in a solution of acetone and gently dissolved followed by a manicure and natural nail treatment ~ 60 minutes $30.00