Gel Nails

Gel is applied to the natural nail or tip then cured in a LED. light. Gel Nails are thin and flexible with a permanent high shine. ~ 90 minutes $80.00

Gel Overlay

Gel is applied over the natural nail ~ 60 minutes $65.00

AcryGel Nails

Permanent French created with both gel and acrylic products ~ 90 minutes price $85.00

“Bling” Nails

Holographic mylar imbedded in gel $85.00


From $8.00


Gel Refill

Maintenance of Gel Nails recommended every 2-3 weeks
Includes Gel Polish / Shellac

  • 60 minutes $50.00
Backfill / Rebalance

Maintenance of Permanent French Gel Nails

  • 90 minutes $65.00
  • Bling Backfill Change or re-apply Holographic Mylar $70.00

An extra charge applies for refills that are over 3 weeks as extra time and / or product is required

IBD Gel guaranteed not to yellow or peel

* Special *

2 week refill Gel or Acrylic


Includes ... -: Rebalance ..Nail Art... Color Gel

1/2 Price Eyebrow Wax $10 (normally $20)